Monday, 28 May 2012

I hate using the word sucks!

Last night would of had to have been my toughest night ever (so far) being a tough parent.
Why is it so hard sometimes to keep the standards keep the discipline keep trying to teach them that this will shape them later on in life...i know my stuff, i was a hard core teenager and a pretty driven, motivated person since i can remember, I'm here to help and teach and guide...but obviously these night will happen...sadly.

Master 12 arrives home from school yesterday with a massive headache...i could see his eyes were red and he did look a little unwell. I gave him panadol and sent him to bed to rest and said...rep rugby training is at 6pm we need to leave by 5.30pm so rest till we have to leave. Then i got on with working in the front room.
At 5.20pm all hell breaks loose because master 12 has informed me hes too sick to go to training...i do understand...however if it was school or club training i would have rested him. Rep training is a different story. And its too late to call the manager!!!
I advise him that maybe we go to the training and he informs the coach that hes not feeling the best and can he "take it easy" he goes ...NO!
right...I then go into my spiel about letting the team down...he switched off i i made him get dressed i loaded up all 4 children and headed to Toowong so "I" could tell the coach at least and inform him that Master 12 wasn't 100%. I get a mum to watch the little ones i head to the I'm heading there a parent asks where's master 12...i said hes not 100% well with a headache. She informs me he better get out there you only can miss 2 training sessions then your dropped BJRU rules for rep teams. Blood is boiling now.
I tell the coach master 12 isn't well, he say's can you get him out of the car because if he gets injured or "really" sick over the next few weeks he would only have one spare training session up his sleeve then he would get dropped. I storm back to the car.
I say to him over and over again while i have a 2year old and a 5 year old fighting...and a 7 month old baby screaming because he wants his your headache bad enough to loose one of your training sessions...? I'm not getting out he says!
Me: so if next week your vomiting into a bucket you will have to take that bucket out on the field and train? Can you not just "try " with a headache so you still have 2 training sessions up your sleeve in case you injure yourself at school cross country..? NO!
I started the car and drove home. i couldn't speak. i was so disappointed.
I had the chat with master 12 the week before asking him before we paid the $245 rep kit fee if he was serious and wanted to do it...i got a yes. i said you will be in 3 rugby teams for about 5-6 weeks can you handle this...Yes mum.
you have CIC cross country for school and then regionals are you sure your ok? Yes mum.
cross country money paid...rep money paid.
I think he learnt his lesson that i was disappointed last night that he didn't "try" to go out there, i always say its better to go and then they.. can see how sick you are and they can send you home.. then they can see your commitment.
I think master 5 learnt a big lesson in commitment last master 12 got out of the car this morning for school...cause there was no way in hell he was having the day off. He goes to him..."you have only one chance left...just one chance!" Master 12 is steering  clear of me, he ate his dinner took more panadol and was in bed by 7.15pm last night. I couldn't even speak. But i hope hes learnt his lesson. parenting SUCKS!