Monday, 27 February 2012

A penny saved is a penny earned....

We all work super hard these days for our money...i was driving this morning thinking to myself i "HAVE" to get petrol before it hits $1.51 god $1.51!!! I remember when i was a kid dad would say to us "gotta duck up to the petrol station before petrol hits 50c!!" 50 CENTS holy crap.
A friend of son #1's mother texted me the other night wanting this name of a website that i buy the kids running shoes and footy boots off each year its UK based, and it got me thinking no matter how much you earn or have we always should be looking for that "bargain" that's what its about now. Never buying anything full price. This lady lives in a 3 million dollar house, with a pool, tennis court, footy goal posts for her son in the backyard, and a home theatre within the home...(my son loves going there by the way) but she texted me looking for cheap footy boots. i really like that when people that come from money or have money and don't flash it around or act differently are true people. Money hasn't changed them.
I think this day and age...especially with 4 children its all about saving, not being a tight arse but looking for that bargain that will save you so you can put the money to something else.
I have 4 children and they don't go with out. i actually think they are quiet lucky. Son #1 wanted $200 headphones...that to me is just unrealistic...thinking of all the things i could do with $200 i jumped on ebay and got a $16.99 pair really good from hong kong with free delivery...i cant get them off his head...WINNER!
I have recently also re-assed the whole birthday party thing....i think you have to weigh up their age and also will they remember it? Was recently looking into a party for my 2 year old in April...after pricing things it was going to come to $300-$400 to have it at home. And hes 2.
Son #2 turned 5 last week and we went to sizzlers...he was stoked. he couldn't stop talking about it all day and when we got home they were trying to work out who's birthday it was next so we could go again...isn't that what its all about...looking forward to something rather than getting it all the time? i love seeing my boys excited.
My husband and i have decide to compile a list of places to take the kids to eat for special occasion's, because we cant seem to go anywhere theses days for under $100.
Sizzler is always a winner...not the best food but great for kiddies. we usually go here for special occasions and we have also received 2 gifts cards for Christmas which is an awesome present.
sushi kids love sushi and the train adds the extra little bit to the trip.
pepes' smart with what you order go smaller than bigger as usually their portions are huge.
fish and chips is always a winner and good to grab if you have been working and want something quick and easy at home.
pizza capers is good if you have a voucher.
$3.95 cheeseburger lunch deals at maccas is great for the kids for lunch if your out...

sporting boots/shoes etc: Pro Direct sport footy boots for $49.98 delivered..Nike's.
i also use:
brandexclusive/ social

We usually book our Dec/Jan holiday towards the beginning of the year for the following year pay the deposit and pay it off that way it gives you 10 months to chip away at it. And we get a family holiday that the kids will remember when they have all grown up...i think its all about memories.

It just made me realise when talking to #1 son's friends mum that no matter what situation or position you and your family are in everyone is always looking to save a bit of money here and there. And if you can save on something you can put it towards your end of year holiday or Christmas presents...or house renovations!!! things are only going to go UP and UP...i really feel sorry for my kids when they are older could only imagine what petrol would be like then....XX

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

its been so long...

well...its been a little while since i have written anything...i know a little slack.

Can i just say I hate doing school lunches ...i feel better now having said that!

Lots happening and getting back into the groove of term 1.
child one loving grade 7. lots of homeowrk and lots of responsibility which he just loves. sport is full on ...yet again and even though its only 3 weeks into cricket rugby starts friday night....NOOOOO!!!
Then i get told yesterday at a prep arvo tea that child #2 can actually sign up this year and play under 6ers!!!! Double holy CRAP!!! 2 playing!!!

Child #3 has decided the pram is no longer for him......WOW!!! so climbs out of straps and runs for the road. I so forgot that age and how quick you have to be. poor child #4 often gets left with abother prep mum while im piss bolting like a mad women to get 22 month old crazy boy!!! who has no sense of direction!!!

Child #4 has decided at 2am each morning that gooing an ga gaing is acceptable!!!! hell no buddy so im running on about 4 hours sleep a night....yipee ME!!! but it really is worth it when he gives me a really big SMILE!!!

Grade 7 are picking their 2012 leaders being a really competative school as all the boys are very good.. #1 as decided to put his name forward along with i reckon 100 other boys to try and become a leader. Sports leader is his preferance however i did encourage to put down a "back up" as there are so many boys going for that particular one so environmental is our 2nd choice...fingers crossed.
he would make a great leader if i do say so biased tho. he has to have an interview with 2 teachers on why he should be the leader then i think teachers and students vote! glad its him and not me. I remember being nominated for school captain back in high school and doing the speech so im feeling his nerves.

Child #2 loving prep tired but loving the 5 days a week.

me...well same old really kids, housework, hairdressing,bed and then do it all again the next day.
slowly but surely getting the 2012 routine down...both little boys sleep at the same time now at 11am so its go go go as soon as they hit their beds...washing, dinner prep, hair, floors you know the drill.

we have a birthday tuesday Child #2 hits the big 5!!! where did that time go. so baking cupcakes on Monday lucky me...god i hate cooking, but its for a good cause....LOL!

off to order rugby boots now...the days are never dull.....


Friday, 10 February 2012


I promise I will blog something super tomorrow night master no 4 has drained my energy by not letting me sleep this week.....:(

Thursday, 2 February 2012

My darling preppie!!!!

Well child no 2 has hit the school yard this week and 5 days a week is starting to take it's toll... Cranky, defiant not wanting to go to bed little boy I now have.... Grrrrr!!!! So we have started the 13 year school journey with son #2. only 2 more to go. He's really having a good time though as he was getting bored at home... He's trying to be the funny man at school which is sooo cute. However he's doing well the thing with son #2 is he says what he thinks so he's mega honest at the moment! Which I think we might need to pull him in a bit on that never know what's he's going to say next that child. Ahhhh he's precious.
Good work darl on starting your journey through school I'm very proud.