Thursday, 2 February 2012

My darling preppie!!!!

Well child no 2 has hit the school yard this week and 5 days a week is starting to take it's toll... Cranky, defiant not wanting to go to bed little boy I now have.... Grrrrr!!!! So we have started the 13 year school journey with son #2. only 2 more to go. He's really having a good time though as he was getting bored at home... He's trying to be the funny man at school which is sooo cute. However he's doing well the thing with son #2 is he says what he thinks so he's mega honest at the moment! Which I think we might need to pull him in a bit on that never know what's he's going to say next that child. Ahhhh he's precious.
Good work darl on starting your journey through school I'm very proud.

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