Sunday, 15 July 2012

Never too late....

MAN... well haven't written too much in term 2 as it is the most chaotic term in our household every single year. We have rugby 7 days a week, plus working, plus kids sport, plus my husbands many commitments...just utter CRAZY. However Term 3 has hit and I'm feeling a little more on top of it all after that shocking term.

I am currently also studying a diploma in counselling. Yeah a little crazy but hay why not?
My train of thought was i love my job as a hairdresser and I'm wanting to improve my skills when i chat to my clients, so i can help and understand them a little better and know how to handle situations that may arise in conversations we have in my home salon.
I also am very interested down the track to specialise in Woman's health and also first time mother's.
My aim is to open an centre or even a premises that allows me to combine both skills of hairdressing and helping the needs of mums/women. Its my 5 year plan. doing the study now so hopefully when Mr T starts prep i can dive into this 110%.
I attended a workshop yesterday and OMG was it amazing or what. So many beautiful women with so many stories. Blew me away. We did role playing where we had to try and help that person and guide them in the right directions...I had the most amazing time. I had no fear. All the women were over 30 mainly looking for a career change. There was 4 hairdressers...go figure. 4 teachers. a few that worked in government jobs in admin, and a few stay at home mums. One was even 20 weeks pregnant with a 2 year old and didn't want to go back to her old job she has had for 17 years.
There was no judgements no trying to out do each other there was no high maintenance women it was really a great group of women each with there own story. And a lot with "Life" experiences.
I said to my husband last night I'm glad now i have chosen to do this its something that can add to my hairdressing. i learnt yesterday that i show even my hair clients too much feeling the first thing i want to do when i hear someone upset is to console them and tell them its OK, however in counselling its a different approach so yesterday i learnt how to separate the 2 and not get so emotionally involved with my clients. it really did all make sense to me. i also learnt a few positive parenting tips to bring into our home to use on the boys. which i tried last night and worked very well....the SANDWICH AFFECT.......positive/negative/finishing on a positive....ALWAYS.
Mr J thank you for putting your clothes about next time though you put your socks and undies away too?.......but I'm very proud of you for doing your clothes...good boy!
I think in the busiest of life we can forget the small things like was good to be reminded and do role plays on how to do things a little better....

Totally wasted today though....WOW!!! my brain is DEAD!!!
managed to write a draft of a 1500 word assignment on Saturday night though in between Mr E vomit- ting 4 times through his bed and husband at the rugby union and 2 fight older boys....ARRRRGGGG!!!
And the best thing was normally i feel guilty leaving the family if i have something like this on but this time I didn't ....i was able to focus and concentrate and know everything is totally cool at home, and my husband did a fantastic job. everyone had sleeps washing done....very proud of them all.
A friend wished me good luck on Friday for the workshop and she said....Its so good your boys are seeing a strong, smart hardworking mother as their role model...... then maybe they might not marry a pole dancer.....cracked me up!!!!

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