Saturday, 23 February 2013

Being the little brother...

We had to have the chat with Jonah the other night about ..."being the annoying little brother" when Tom has mates over. You know the usual chat leave them alone, don't be annoying, stay upstairs... Blah blah blah. He took it but you could see the disappointment in his face Mr 6 wanting to be Mr 13.... It's hard not to be a follower... Especially When you have a much older brother. When Toms mates were here Jonah sat at the back stairs and watched.... Everything they did. I watched him jumping out of his skin to get down those back stairs to show them he could keep up... It was cute. He wanted to be one of them. When my husband came home he was down there like a flash... He was in absolute awe... He was talking to them like he had been hanging around them the last 3 years... I have never experienced this feeling as I am the eldest of my family... I remembered getting frustrated and annoyed which I'm sure Tom gets... But standing back and looking at them it was nice to know Tom helped him and made him feel welcome ... I'm glad he set the example.... Because now it's onto the "don't be a follower be a leader" chat to master 6 year old. So many life lessons even when your little.

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