Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sometimes you need to do it tough to appreciate what you have...

I had a tough week. Little miss "i can do everything" this time around struggled.
And that's very hard for me to admit.
My husband goes away every year for a week and every year its all good.
This year with four boys it was hard!
I missed my right hand man.....
School runs,exam week, last week of school, 2 6 year old parties, my work, 2 assignments, early morn sport, rugby trials, lots of late nights, 2 full on toddlers....Easter preparations....i did make it just.
I didn't even cry even when my patience was pushed to its limits.
I have done it before ....but this time with 4 it was defiantly harder than 3...

I tried to cut my mums hair one afternoon, and the lounge room was silent...can only mean trouble.
With scissors in hand i walked around the corner to find the 2 little ones front windows wide open and screens...every cushion,throw rug, block thrown out the front windows.
I took a deep breathe went and picked it all up. Mum said "Oh my god Mel how do you keep so calm?"I couldn't answer her. Im hoping one day i will look back and laugh......

It made me come to the realisation that i need my right hand man.
That I'm not super woman. That i do need help sometimes.
I thought to myself I'm here all day with them...i do the school pick ups, i do the tennis/rugby/swimming i do the dinner every week night i do every ones washing....Why is this so hard?
It was hard because my husband and i are in sync. We know the routine together if I'm stuck with one child hes with the other....If I'm breaking up a fight hes on my side.....If hes settling one child I'm settling the other......that's what i missed my team mate......

When i married Dave i didn't know what team work  in a marriage was like i had never had it. 

It was hard at first to break down those walls and accept help.  When i saw the relationship blossom between Dave and Tom i knew we had something special...and i think that's why we went onto to have 3 more children. parenting is a big strength of our marriage....i see my husband with his students and also our boys and we both have a love children.

I struggled this week because i missed my team mate, my husband and my support.

It wasn't that i couldn't was because my right hand man was missing.

And it did make me realise that in my previous relationship i didn't have this at all. I was alone. I had no support and was constantly being the cheer girl to make someone try and be a parent...and try and love his son. When i met Dave it was so different he love Thomas and spent time with i knew this was right for us.....our family would be complete.

My husband is a wonderful man, and father and husband, i love him more than i have ever loved anyone. Every relationship is tough at times, but honestly when you find the right person tough times just only make you stronger.

PS: i have said no more going away till the little ones a a tiny bit older...............

HAPPY EASTER and god's hoping that everyone finds Mr right just like i did. it may take a while but he/she is out there.

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