Monday, 18 March 2013

Birthday,boy stuff & bickering.......

It was my birthday.....I'm so not a birthday person ...but... i think seeing for most of my milestone birthdays i have been pregnant... i might have a MASSIVE 40th.....but I'm only 35.
Its hard i share my birthday with my beautiful sister so never really had a day "to myself" really. I also make sure the boys celebrate their days but i just view it as another day really. I'm not too hung up on "getting older" 40 excites me...i think i have more energy now that what i had when i was 20....sounds weird but i think the craziness of having 4 boys keeps me very active.....mind you I'm sleep deprived and have been for about 4 years now....YAWN.

experienced my first year 8 Marist parent teacher yesterday HOLY MOLEY!!!! talk about organised. and run like every 7 mins i got gonged to move onto my next teacher that took me more than 7 minutes to fine....yikes. So i was late SHOCK HORROR...i had my list off teacher in my hand and basically ran to the gym....great sight i can tell you that. first meeting MATHS my fav subject...NOT.
great teacher went through toms maths test that 150% went straight over my head ,but i smiled and nodded like i was the maths genius i am....he he. 

Cut a long story short the reasoning behind Tom making me see all 6 teachers was because he got a glowing report....whew praise the lord. and is getting a B in every subject ...double Whew!!!! his was done....thank goodness.

Then i had to pick up Jonah who had been to swimming with grandad as i couldn't be in 2 places at the one time....I am good...but unfortunately I'm not that good.
so grabbed him dropped them home then got straight back into the car for Jonah's parent teacher interview...i actually had 5 mins spare waiting so of course i check facebook and check my emails...thank you IPHONE for making my life a tiny bit easier......Jonahs interview great also talked about extending him with his reading etc so all was good i even took a few notes on my scrappy piece of paper i had the whole afternoon's events scribbled on and also Eli;s scribble that i had to read through...looked like a dogs home Dave was finishing up dinner he had sent my mum home who i think was ready to be committed after having Eli and Tate for 2 hours for me....note to self split those two up.

i missed dinner...whoops. had a cuppa tea does that count?

the is a pic of the communication between Thomas and i....he had a lesson on Friday about "thy shall never say OI to my mum!" little horror. Now today hes lost his English draft.....good old mum will find it...!


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