Tuesday, 3 January 2012

dedicated to a baby in heaven....

Today i couldn't stop staring at my new bubba.
Every time he slept i watched him breathe.
Every time he fed i would look into his eyes and whisper "I love you bubba with all my heart."
The experience I had with my bubba is hospital made me realise just how lucky i am......
I have a friend, and before Christmas i called her an angel. And i think she really is. Her wings are invisible.
Her friend had a baby 15 weeks premature. And weighed 750grams. My bubba weighed 3770grams.
My friend came to visit me in hospital when i had bubba #4 as she was visiting her friends little boy. I was in a world of my own and didn't realise the extent of how tiny he was. When i saw my friend a few weeks after, the birth of my son she said she was visiting the little bubba as much as she could as her friend wasn't coping very well with him being so little...i looked at her and said "who does that?" who steps up for another mother and takes over when she couldn't...my friend. She visited that little boy and touched him and made sure he had someone there.\, even with a husband and 2 kids of her own at home. I asked her if she was angry that her friend didn't want to visit..."she will come around, she just needs time." I was angry and i didn't know anyone. Thats why my friend is an angel..she doesn't judge people, she would give you the shirt off her back and the last $1 in her wallet. She helped people in the floods when she lost also. Motherhood is a natural to her having 2 beautiful, smart children who will follow in her footsteps without a doubt. I'm so privileged to call her my friend. And i hope i can learn from her how to be caring,kind and humble....I had been thinking of him a lot last week being at the hospital, i bagged up some of my bubbas smaller clothes for my friend to take for him, And when i got a minute last week i rang my friend to see how he was doing...".he sadly passed away on boxing day." My heart sank. And i cried. And i wanted to cuddle my friend so much.
I knew she was meant to watch that little boy fight and help him but hes now in heaven watching over her saying "Thank you my angel for watching me, its my turn to watch over you."  XX


  1. Beautiful, we never know when Angels are on duty. Big hugs.

  2. lovely...reasons, seasons lifetimes xo