Saturday, 14 January 2012

To teach how to give.....maybe a new tradition for the boys?

Been racking my brain what I can do this year to teach my boys about giving to a cause or charity or just giving to those who need...
After giving it a lot of thought I hav come up with... With #4 son being sick is hospital I thought I might hav a box at home and throughout the year when see something on special at k Mart, target or big w it can go in the box we will aim for 20 things books, toys or clothes. At the end of the year close to Xmas we will take them up the the ward Tate was in and ICU and give them to the kids in hospital for Christmas. It made my day when my son got a small gift in hospital. So I will pitch the idea to the boys tomorrow and find a box... I think this is a great lesson to teach and hopefully it might be a new family tradition.

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