Monday, 2 January 2012

I made it to day 2...

I am slowly getting the hang of all this and i really am enjoying the having something for me even if i don't get a lot of "Me'" time I'm going to try and make this work this year.....for me. Speaking of no "me" time my way of thinking is this...i have had 4 boys..who are very demanding..there will be plenty of "Me" time when they grow up right? then my husband and I can do what we want when they are all through school...the school fee money will then become our travelling money...well that's what I'm hoping for....
I have an amazing client who i do her hair every 5 weeks....she is my inspiration ATM.she has done this..
she has 2 wonderful girls both went to a private school ....and now they are in their 20's one is at home one just brought her first home...her and her husband now travel and go to dinner lots and she has the most amazing wardrobe!!! and SHOES!!!! she always looks fantastic ...and see i have hope for myself!!...she works 3 days a week solely to fund her manicures/pedicures/clothes/travel etc.......HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy to do the hard yards right now...if that's the light at the end of the tunnel.
The reason for this blog...  is because this week i have given up my GOLD CLASS movie ticket to my 11 year old son who ate pizza with his feet up for a couple of hours...and now tonight #1 and #2 sons are with hubby at the drive in...while i watch sons #3 and they needed to go to bed. So a double whammy in the last 7 days...but you know what?  I'm ok..hard yards now...REWARDS later...if my boys are happy I'm happy...but sometimes i want to stamp my feet and act like a 3 year old cause i cant go......bloody motherhood makes us soft sometimes and selfless....hard yards now...good times later!!! will keep chanting that everyday!

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  1. What an awesome goal! You're amazing! Your boys are very lucky to have you!!