Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well took me so long to set my profile upi didn't actually get time to write anything for 1st of frigging Jan!!! Now I hav a 9 week old bubba on me trying to type...spent most of Jan 1st making soon as a new year hits I start the list making...organizing kids for school list,around the house cleaning list, grocery list, cleaning out boys rooms before the new school year I hav a list on what I want done...funny. Lucky I did the booklist back in December!!!! Hoping 2012 starts better than my 2011 ended...12 days in hospital with a 9 week old not fun at all... Actually the worse so far from the 4 boys. #1 boy had kholers disease back in 2006... A week in hospital while I was pregnant with #2.. that's fun sleeping in a chair 6 months pregnant. #2 had a trip to hospital around 2 years old with a dislocated elbow... Don't even ask about that one. #3 touch wood nothing. #4 well 12 days at 9 weeks old he holds the current record. So many more grey hairs lucky I'm a hairdresser... As they say there's a special place in heaven for mothers of boys... I have a penthouse with champers waiting for me...x

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  1. Woot woot a blog of your mad life! Congrats on getting it started!