Monday, 30 January 2012

What a day...I need a drink!

Ventured to woolies today which trust me is a massive ordeal...
Because child #3 is still only little he cant walk on his own as he runs off...
So I pop him in the car first strapped in cause if you don't you will be chasing him all over the car like I did the other day for 20 mins in a carpark...
Then I get child #4... then I start the car for the air con and go back for the bags I need... There's usually 2 or more. When I got to woolies no baby seat trolley around in sight so I pouch baby #4 on the front of me and carry on my hip child #3. hand bag on other shoulder...
Get up to the top of the escalator and there one is... So I pop child 3 in and unpouch child 4 from front of me and head for the largest latte I can find asap!!!!!! I'm knackered and I havnt even entered woolies yet.... Coffee in hand list in other ( cause I always forget what I have to get) I head straight for a small flavored milk and the treat isle to keep child 3 amused!!!
I run into a lady with 2 boys also she has the double pram which u can use but only if your getting under 5 items.
We smile and start to chat we find out we both hav children that just started prep.. At the same school and we both have 4 children...we compare stories about how many times people say " god you have your hands full!"
We both say 3 was manageable 4 is frigging hard work!!!!
Back to the shopping.
Homeward bound... Then I do the unload of child 4 first as child 3 would run away... Then child 3 then the groceries into the front room. Whew.
2 bottles 2 bubs to bed. Shopping tired them out. Method in my madness!!! Both asleep by 11...dinner in oven... Groceries away... Washing hung out.... Awake by 1... Playtime... Lunch...load pram walk to get child 2.
Home... Afternoon tea onslaught ... Child 1 arrives... In a panic about homework... 4pm (load car.. Remember child 3 first then child 4)
Child 1 and 2 in car too... Off to swimming....leave child 1 there to walk home ... Bring other 3 home for bath time... 6pm dinner. (lucky it's pre done!)
Clean up... Lunches made... 7pm child 3 and 4 go to bed. Homework time now with child 1.
8pm bedtime child 1 & 2. (thank god!)
Now chat to husband time!!! ( non interrupted)
Watch a recorded show because we have missed all the good shows...
10pm bed.
Ready to do it all again tomorrow.
But I have to fit working in there when kids are sleeping tomorrow...
I need a drink!!!!!

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  1. wow I am knackered just reading you are amazing and very very blessed xo