Tuesday, 17 January 2012

your house my house...

Was doing my friends hair on Sunday and it was like walking into my house but in 5 years time...
15,10,9 are her kids ages...she works full time as a lawyer.
She had every ones school books lined up ready to cover, bags, shoes and a $380 bag of uniforms for Churchie....very familiar. She informed me never ever go shopping with them at these ages...she needed a bottle of wine after the expedition....and threatened "next time you can go with your father!"

I laughed and could just imagined in 5 years time me in the same position i will have ,grade 12, grade 5, grade 2, and a preppy.....I'm really scared!!!!!! that's going to be an expensive, emotional and chaotic year!!!!! 2017!!!!

My friend is one talented lady. She stayed at home right through till all her children started school. Giving up a high powered very well paid job to be home with and for her 3 kids.
While being at home she went back to uni and studied Law. Her plan, by the time her youngest boy started School she would be finished and be a Lawyer and go back into the work force full time...
She achieved this, studying while breast feeding attending lectures at night while hubby had the kids, and studying till all hours of the morning then backing up to children early in the mornings...now that's dedication and drive.
She now works full time and is very good at what she does, she runs her family home and does sports runs, dancing lessons...her husband is a very supportive man he is chief ironing man in their household.
I love going into their home. There's a lot of love, and fun. And you can really tell she lives for her children. They are the reason she gets up of a morning and goes to work to provide for them.
I really take my hat off to her because she is a role model, of how to have it all. I have known her for over 7 years, and i have enjoyed watching her children grow.
I hope i can show my boys the balance a mother/woman can do with the many hats we wear within our life....your house is very much the same as my house Mrs KP!!!

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