Thursday, 5 January 2012

The end is coming fast...

I got the nicest gift today from one of my sons friends mum. And it took me by surprise. it was so lovely..the card read:
To an absolute ripper mum,
You win "Mother of the year" as far as I'm concerned.
I'm proud to be your friend.
 it made me feel very special.
Going to be hard when my husband returns to School (work) its been so wonderful having him help around the house and with the kids has taken a lot of pressure off me. Even though i haven't stopped its like a mini break...I really feel for some women that don't see their hubby's for months due to being in the army/navy/etc.
it must be very hard. I really think myself lucky.
Soon i will be back to packing lunches, strict routines and driving all over Brisbane. Not to mention that dreaded H word.....bloody homework. Cricket this year will be drop and go as i have the other 3 (2 of which will need sleeps) and then the good old rugby season.....WOWZERS!!! training 2 times a week for school 1 night a week for club then Saturday game for school and Sunday a game for club!!!!!rugby 5 times a week for son #1....swimming and tennis for sons #2 and #3...and a husband that will be aiming for another first xv premiership...hes got rugby 7 days a week. makes me shutter just thinking about it...its alright i have 13 days to gear myself up to going back to prepping dinner at lunchtime...wash when kids are asleep...and grocery shop on a Wednesday when i have 2 at school and one at kindy....this year i aim to be organised...and on top of everything as much as i can......sugar i forgot hairdressing and slowing doing up the house to hopefully sell ..........Its going to be a very busy year i think!!!

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